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Need Fast & Reliable Broadband on Your Farm?

Farm broadband and Internet services

Are you looking for super-fast broadband for your farm? If so, then please contact us today for a free site survey and quote. We are one of the UK’s leading rural Internet suppliers, and can get you up and running with an effective and reliable service within hours.

We aim to supply the best broadband for farms, and are available now if you would like to talk to us about your existing broadband and Internet speed issues.

To book a free site survey or to simply know more about how we can help you, please call:

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Our Farm Internet Service

The problem with rural broadband and access from farm buildings isn’t down a lack of a connection, but in most cases a poor, slow, or inadequate speed.

Rural communities are hit most and get the raw end of the deal when it comes to fixed line broadband. Complaints about slow and non-responsive services, from large companies that don’t prioritise the installation of effective infrastructure are commonplace.

Countrywide Broadband can offer fast rural Internet to farming communities, at very competitive prices. The best thing is: we can bypass all those infrastructure issues that the larger companies might fob you off with.

Fast Internet on Your Farmland Locations

4G & VOIP Installation Now Available

We understand that the modern-day farm will need Internet connectivity between different locations throughout the property. For example, you might need broadband whilst in the office, but whilst out and about on the land or in a barn.

Countrywide Broadband can make sure that all your locations are connected; from the home, to the farm’s office, and any other location where you need a 4G connection to run your agricultural business.

4G Router

Farm Broadband Specialists

Our engineers are specialists in installing modern and reliable equipment into rural locations. We strive to ensure that your farmland gets the very best broadband speeds that are available.

We also aren’t in partnership with any national supplier, meaning we can assess which services are best suited to you and then get you the best signals possible for both Internet and mobile phone services.

Free Home or Business Site Survey

Call now for free advice, or to book a free home or business site survey with our team. We can visit you to assess how fast your broadband could be with our expertise.